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Wearing her best party dress, my youngest granddaughter was floating around the house earlier this evening singing “happy birthday” to her two uncles.  Someone commented that Karson didn’t quite “get” that today’s party wasn’t a birthday celebration.

There were presents.  There was cake.  And presents and cake equals a birthday party, doesn’t it?  I don’t think anyone bothered telling Karson otherwise; ‘coz once Karson gets something in her mind, it’s hard to shake it loose.

For the record, we were instead celebrating the college graduation of her two uncles, Bryan and Kyle (who today Karson called Bryan and Bryan), from the University of Oklahoma.  It was  a full day.  Full of pride, joy and just a tinge of sadness.  And of course work, since I did my own cooking.

But as I sit and think in this house that’s grown quiet, I’m thinking Karson wasn’t totally wrong.  It was a happy day.  And in a crazy sort of way, the college degrees that the boys now hold will one day — when this big bad recession is finally over — lead to a new and better, grown-up life.

Too, I do sympathize with Karson’s confusion.  After all, how can it be that both my boys are now college graduates?  That the party is over?  That my formal parenting years are over?

Parenting is one crazy ride.  Just as you get semi-use to it, the job is over.