It has been a hard week of weather for many in Oklahoma, with tornadoes dropping out of the sky.  Willy-nilly.

Power has been lost.  Homes.  Lives.  And this morning, I wake to a gentle rain, reminding me that everyday life goes on in spite of what has come before.  Willy-nilly.

I woke to the thought that my husband is coming home, after a week in Michigan.  He was scheduled to return yesterday evening, but the rains in Chicago wreaked havoc on scheduling.  Flights were delayed.  Canceled, one after another.  No way home.  Willy-nilly.

I woke to discover my house keys still in the back door.  Coming in from prayer group last night, I forgot to remove them before closing the door and locking it.  Funny that before going to bed, I found I had left the front door unlocked all day, while I had been in and off the premises.  Two days ago, it was my front door that held the keys when I woke up.  This loose business of unlocked doors is so unlike me.  If I keep this up, my family will no longer call me “Fortress West.”  Willy-nilly.