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It’s good when friends catch up with one another after a move.

Already, I’ve had friends drop by my new web home.  And I must say… it really made me feel good.

After all, think about it.  How many times have  we let friends slip between our fingers because life has taken us in different directions?  How many high school classmates do we keep up with on a regular basis?  College buddies?  Bridesmaids?   Former co-workers? And the list goes on…

So to have friends think I’m worth the effort of tracking down really tickled me.  Of course, I had every intention of forwarding my new address.  And looking back on it, I probably should have waited to make the URL switch until later — but like a kid at Christmas, I couldn’t wait.

My new web address is AnEverydayLife.com — short for “Stories from AN EVERYDAY LIFE” — which was my original subtitle, when I began my blog, almost sixteen months ago now.

So you might wonder what instigated the move?  There’s more than one reason.

First, I’m not the best of Mesta — and to imply otherwise, with a name like bestamesta as my chosen website, was becoming a tad uncomfortable.

Second, I don’t plan to live in Mesta Park — or at least, in this particular lovely old house — for the rest of my life.  I want to live in a historic one-story, if my husband I can find one to fit our needs.  Because already my knees are a little arthritic — and my bones are growing thin.  Not a morning goes by that I don’t think of falling down the stairs, as I carry my Scottie princess down in my arms to begin a new day.

Third, when I began my blog, I imagined I would write more about life in Mesta Park than everyday life in general.  But it hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would.  Keeping a blog is truly an evolving process — even the name I began writing under, has changed with the times.

Some may recall that I wrote my first posts under my middle and maiden names — remember “Ann Pappas?” — because I thought it might grant me greater freedom to express what I wanted to say, perhaps even open the creativity coffers that I once enjoyed as a child.   But within  a few months, it didn’t feel right to write under anything but my real name.   So quietly, without fanfare, I made the change.

In the end, the best of Mesta Park is, and always will be, the old homes that fill the historic district that I currently and proudly call home.   It could never be my website.  So when my bestamesta.com URL subscription came up for renewal a few months ago, I began quietly pondering a new name.  And after two months of reflection, I opted to return to my original subtitle, albeit with a shortcut version.

The old URL subscription will quietly expire on April 5th.  And between now and then, if you drop in at good old bestamesta.com, you will automatically be forwarded here, to my new web address.  After that, I don’t know where bestamesta.com will send you… but I hope you’ll eventually find your way here.

May my new URL address stay the same —  even as I (and the place I call home) continue to evolve.