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Christi....Jon... Me

It’s rare for me to be together with both siblings at once.

But yesterday, we did it.  My brother and I made an extra stop on our way to Dad’s to take Christi to lunch for her birthday.  We were a day early and an hour late — the latter is not so unusual where I’m concerned, though for the record, yesterday’s lateness had less to do with me than with factors beyond Jon’s dentist’s control.

When we called with the news of our delay, my sister decided she’d rather eat late with us than go on time with others.  I’m glad she did.  The three of us always laugh when we’re together.  I often wonder – after we’ve parted ways — why we don’t get together more often.  Perhaps this year we will — if the other two are willing.

Gifts are always a challenge for my kid sister who once ran a gift store.  Not just any gift will do.  During my Texas years, her gift usually consisted of potted bulbs and money.  But being closer to home these last four years, I’ve tried to up the ante.

One year I surprised her with her favorite pink sugar cookies from the elementary school we both attended.  It took a little while to convince the school to hand over their prize recipe, but I’m persistent when chasing after a good recipe.  Two years ago, the year after Mom died, I took us both on a spa date and then after, I went back to Dad’s and Christi’s to prepare Mom’s favorite fried chicken dinner for all of us to share.   We even invited Mom’s siblings.  Last year I hit the birthday gift jackpot when I surprised Christi with a Tempur-Pedic mattress pad and new bedding.  Her sleep was so good that first evening, she didn’t want the night to end.  Sounds like some romantic date, doesn’t it?

My sister does enjoy a good romance, as long as the romance is in a book or a movie or connected to some other person’s life.  One year, remembering how my sister had brought together my husband and me, I began to think it would be only fair that I do unto her as she had done for me.  So I decided to play matchmaker between my sister and my husband’s boss George.  Neither was really looking for a steady romantic interest but I ask, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?  I thought these two would be perfect together — and for the record, I still do —  but the time just wasn’t right, for reasons known and unknown.

Just one of the many mistakes I’ve made in the name of love.  This year her gift was a crock.  Salt-glazed with a cobalt blue interior.

Happy birthday, sis.