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“Out of the jaws of death.”  — William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night or What You Will

I am tired, on this last night of the Christmas season.  The week has been busy and I have not slept well the last two nights.

I woke up to names last night.  One in particular, a little boy named Al, who was seriously injured in a car accident yesterday that left his young mother dead.  At the end of  last night’s class I was asked to pray for Al.

I guess I went to bed thinking of Al.  And if it’s possible to pray while one sleeps, maybe I did this.  It would be a first for me to wake up in prayer; usually, it’s the other way around

Yet, once I’m awake, I’m awake.  There’s no turning over and going back.  So no longer sleepy, I lay in bed and pray.  For Al.  For Connie.  For Connie’s mom who is dying.  For others.  For peace.  An hour later, I am at peace.  Sweet blessed sleep.

Daddy was sleeping when my brother Jon and I walked in to Dad’s room this afternoon.  It’s been two weeks since our last visit.  Too bad today was mostly a sleeper.  Even Daddy’s roommate Larry slept through our visit.  I’ve noticed Larry sleeping more these days, every since Larry told me a month ago that he was ready to die.  How does one wake up to a new day when they are ready for death?

Tomorrow I will wake up to dental surgery.  I’m having a dental implant that both dentist and husband assure me is the right thing to do.  Why am I less sure than they?

What I am sure of is that post-surgery, I will be less than my normal cooking self.  So I spent this morning  preparing soft meals for the next few days.  It will be good to have this long dreaded surgery behind me — it will be better to have sore jaw that the angst I feel right now.

I pray to sleep tonight.  And I pray Al to sleep tonight.  And Connie too.  But for Connie’s mother and Larry — for those in the jaws of death — how do I pray for these on this twelfth night of Christmas?  I know.  Just this, Father God: What You Will.