The dogs missed me today.  After all, they know that Thursdays are my homebody day.  Today I should have been sitting at my writing desk, but instead I was out and about, running around town tying up loose ends.

Well, that’s not exactly it.  I had planned to tie up a few loose ends in between attending to everyday life.  But I never had the time for loose ends.  All I did was sit around town, moving from one chair to the next. From laundromat to spiritual direction to the dentist, I sat for more than four hours today, not counting the sitting I did behind the wheel.

And I arrived home to happy, happy dogs and oh how I wish I’d taken time to sit with them a bit, so that we could have greeted each other properly.  But instead, I didn’t sit for three hours straight.  I immediately began making a fresh batch of Rocket Rolls to take with us to Texas.  And then I made a fresh batch of Tomato Basil Soup for tonight’s prayer group.  And in between all the baking, I began gathering things for our trip.

I didn’t sit down again until I was behind the wheel driving toward church.  And finally, after all the different chairs I sat in today, this one was the loveliest sit of all.  Just me and God tying up a loose end.

And as God said, when he was tying up his own loose ends, after a hard day’s work, it was good.  It was very good.