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It feels good to have another session of Everyday God written.  It’s the last for the year and, since another will lead the group for a while, it’s my last for the next three months and maybe my last forever.  And as good as it’s been, it will be okay, however it turns out.

I’ve finally got a good lead on the direction of my Christmas letter.  So I pray  the idea pans out.  But I can’t begin this for a few days since I want to come at it fresh rather than tired and depleted.  I need rest.   And I know my tiredness has caused me not to deliver my personal best toward Everyday God.  But like squeezing that last little bit out of a tube of toothpaste, it was all I had.  It will be okay, however it turns out.

The temperature gauge continues to drop  — it will be a below freezing 16 degrees tonight — and soon it will be time for me to fly south for a little while.  I’m ready to read and visit with friends and take long walks on the beach and eat seafood.  And gosh I hope it’s warmer down there.  And I hope the sun is out and the skies are blue.  But even if it rains and the skies are gray, it will be okay, however it turns out.