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Well, I did pick up the phone to call my good friend Wynona.

We didn’t talk long.   Like me, she stays too busy everyday of the year and today I caught her on her way to visit the dentist.  But we talked long enough for my eyes to grow watery.  Not because of what she said.  Or what I said —  which is strange, since I love words so much.  But oh my gosh, the tears came simply from hearing the sound of her voice.   And if tears lead to heart’s truth — then it’s clear I’ve allowed myself to become Wynona-deprived.

Why is it that we don’t pick up the phone more often to speak to old friends — or family — to check in and hear the sound of their voices.  Life gets in the way and I tell myself I’ll do it later — yes, I’ll do it after doing this or that — not really realizing I’m telling fibs to myself because  — don’t you know — I always have a this and that in my life to do!  And can I be the only one saying these things to myself, to deny myself such little pleasures in life — as a phone visit with a good friend?

While staying connected is important all the time, I’m only diligent about it this time of the year, when I take time to send out old-fashioned greeting cards.  It’s sad that I don’t receive as many as I once did.   And that a few I do receive sometimes carry hidden — or not so hidden motives — like the one I received this morning.

My first Christmas card of the season — no, after opening it again, I see it’s a “Holiday” Card rather than the Christmas variety, though the front of the card, as shown in the photo above, does contain a scene of the seeds of the season.   “Peace” the headline says — and Lord knows, in a year where family feuding has rattled my home more that those four (or is it five?) earthquakes we’ve suffered — that’s all the card has to say to garner my full attention.  So I open the card to read:

“May your Holiday Season be filled with all of the joy and peace on earth.”

It’s a nice wish.  Though I’m greedy enough to wish that the peace and joy weren’t limited to just what we had on earth.  But wait, beneath this greeting in a tiny soundbite of Scripture:

God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.”  St. Matthew 5:6

Justice is good, I suppose, though what is justice to one is not to another. Depending upon outlook, depending upon which side of the fence one stands on — which side of the war zone one lives in.  Oh, I wish it had been a Scripture about peace — such as the one just a few verses down the page, which reads:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  St. Matthew 5:9.

Yes, I’m being nit-picky.  More than a nit, if I’m being honest.  But not a nit-wit I think, because under the Scripture, is the name and address of my newspaper delivery man, who’s hoping  — I’m pretty sure — that a card to me will inspire gifts of seasonal greenery.  Because he’s such a good delivery man at all.

Well, truth is — he is.  And so — not out of fear that my failure to respond will cause him to no longer connect with my front sidewalk, which he does with unerring accuracy — I’ll grant that wish.  And I’ll do it for the best of reasons — because in doing so, I’ll connect — even if ever so dimly — with something far greater than myself — to that one “whose sandals I’m unfit to untie.”

Today I’ll tuck that monetary gift into a Christmas card with a simple “thanks.”  Because sometimes less is more.  Except, of course, when it comes to gifts of seasonal greenery.  And staying connected with good friends — like Wynona.