Sleeping  in between seasons isn’t easy.

Like now.  When our forced air system stays balanced at seventy degrees.  When it’s too cool for the air-conditioner.  When it’s too warm for the heater.  When even turning up the overhead fan to the highest setting —  what my husband affectionately terms ‘hurricane force winds’ — offers no relief.

As lovely as it is outside right now, inside it’s anything but.  Mild temperate evenings is a surefire recipe for staying sleepless on a stuffy second floor.

After three nights of tossing and turning earlier this week, I finally woke up to the fact that this house is blessed with forty windows!  Twenty of them upstairs.  I know since I stripped and painted every one of  these windows, the first winter we lived here.  And though most are closed off with a fixed storm window, enough can be opened to create a nice cross-breeze.

Old houses were designed to invite in every bit of wind that is within its general vicinity.  And like most old houses in the area, our master bedroom was designed off of the pattern of an old sleeping porch, with our bed nestled between three sides having two windows each.

Last night, with one window open on either side of our bed, sleeping in between became suddenly easy.