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My favorite moon is out tonight — just a little slipper that lights up the sky with its big smile

When in this mood swing, the moon looks a little shy.  I look up to midnight blue to see the moon hiding behind a big Roman shade.  Yet lifted just a tinge, moonlight peeps out into dark sky.

It was dark in Daddy’s room today too.  No lights were on — in the room or in daddy’s eyes.   Usually when we walk in we arrive to eyes lit with joy and a big smile on his mouth.  No smiles today.  Daddy was too tired.  And when Daddy wasn’t sleeping, when his eyes were open, they had that vacant, faraway look.  It was hard to bring him back to earth to tell him good-bye.   Maybe next week Daddy will be back home in his body.

Back home from our visit at my brother’s new place, we arrived to a dark apartment.  The power company got its wires crossed and shut off his electricity.  Standing in a dark apartment, he straightened out the accounting error — but the power won’t be turned back on until tomorrow.  So we gathered up his refrigerator and freezer items  and  a few necessities so he and his food could chill out at the old place.  Thankfully, he hadn’t quite moved out.  And there, the lights were still on.

I’m ready to turn off my light and call it a night.  Good-night moon.  Good-night Daddy.  Good-night Jon-Boy.