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Cars are driving into work while my husband is making his way toward Houston.

Snow too, is on its way.  Perhaps it will be a light covering this time, unlike our last two, which left 10 inches and six inches before it left town.

Meanwhile, inside my home, and inside my skin, I’m feeling restless.  I’ve this sense that I’m to do something, but I don’t know what.   Am I forgetting something?

Some questions about the future of my writing are nagging me.  I’m losing interest in the blog format, though I don’t have anything in mind to take its place, and I fear if I don’t keep at it, I won’t continue to practice.  There’s just no clear path in front of me now  — no sense of direction, like whether I should go this way or that —  I’m just floating in air like that snow floating by my window.

And where did this snow come from?  It wasn’t suppose to show up until this afternoon.  But here I sit, trance-like before its beauty, while the urgency of earlier ‘whether’ questions melt away to be replaced by new ones.

I wonder whether this snow is our morning rain forecast in disguise — and if so, whether this means that our afternoon snow is still on its way?

Oh, what does it matter.  Either way, I’m staying put. Questions will melt into answers in their own good time.  And with chores done and no meals to prepare for ‘Honey’, I’m going to have a good time too.  I’m going to watch a beautiful snow fall today.  And as I get comfy in my favorite chair, perhaps I’ll think a little about life.