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Freezing rain and snow will be here soon….unless, of course, the experts are wrong.

Pity the experts when they are wrong.  Pity anyone who is wrong.  Because admitting to wrongs is for sissies, especially in the public realm.  To make mistakes is to appear weak, to lose face.  To err is no longer just being human.  Today, we live in a world where it’s more acceptable to rationalize as adults OR… point fingers like children on the school playground — whaling out —   “He did it! “

Am I the only one who sees anything wrong with this picture?

I didn’t watch our “State of the Union” address last night because I expected it to be just another political speech, as all such speeches have been for as long as I can remember — emphasize the good news — skirt over the bad news –   when what I most long to hear is a hard and balanced look at how the state of the union really is.  Call me an idealist, but what I most want to hear is one truthful report out of the mouth of one man — and not two biased mouths, neither of whose word I can accept “as the truth and nothing but the truth.”

I was talking to my husband about this sad state of our world last night.  My wise husband smiled at me and said, “Oh, you want to live in a world that has an American president that acts like Michael Douglas, who has the courage to admit to making mistakes.”

I ask:  is there anything wrong with this desire?  What if my husband was right last night and he’s right this morning after the big speech —  that what I most want is the kind of president that comes out of Hollywood and not Washington?

Listening to the NPR recap, it seems as though last night’s speech was another verse of the same political song, with the exception that  no booing was heard by the President’s naysayers.  Is this the best that we can do — celebrate that there was no booing by our elected officials?  If so, today I am a very mad-sad American — red with anger and blue with sadness.

My friend Ann once called me apolitical.  If this were true then, it no longer is — though I confess to voting for both Republicans and Democrats.  I vote my conscience, both sides of the ticket, based on who I believe will do the best job for the office being sought.

If only our elected leaders could do the same — if only they could do the best in the job that were elected to do in spite of political cost — rather that seeing the world through red or blue shades — then maybe I would watch the State of the Union address — because then, it would live up to its name.

Well, there’s some freezing rain outside my window, living up to its name and making the expert right for now.  It will be a good day for movie watching about a great, if fictitious,  American president.  Hope we don’t lose power from a freezing reign.