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Our entire stay has been wonderful.  But yesterday turned out to be the best day of all.

Not because the weather cleared up though we did swap fog for rain and kept the gray skies.

Nor was yesterday better because my meals were more special than others  we’ve enjoyed; good food abounds in Brazosport.

Yesterday was the best simply because I got to visit with friends.  I walked with one, sat with another over tea and visited with the remaining two over lunch.  The conversations were as different as the women involved, and I couldn’t even begin to describe them or their importance to my everyday life.  So I won’t.  Let’s just say that these girlfriends of mine are as real as they come.

That they should rearrange their days to fit in that rare visit from an old friend made me feel special and loved.  And in a nutshell, that is how the best of everyday life should be.

Fair weather comes and goes, the energy from meals is soon consumed but in the space of a few hours, the visits from with these four dear friends will last me for a good long while.

And though I wish I had more time to visit, with old friends and new, time has run out.  It’s time to fly home.

“.. go, go, go said the bird: human kind Cannot bear very much reality.”