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Tomorrow I leave for Louisville for a Gal-Pal weekend. 

I should already be in bed as tomorrow’s flight is indecently early.  But I just want to exhale into words all the events of this already packed week and relish this quiet time of the evening when my loved ones in the next room are already fast asleep.

I’m glad I didn’t know what the week would bring when I was living in Sunday.  I fear I would have hyperventilated rather than live as I did, being fully present in one movement to the next.  So many extra events have transpired to make my plate overly full this week  — Joe’s medical emergency, helping Christi with some paperwork for Daddy, two master gardener hope desk stints, a dinner for four at my favorite Paseo Grill and — surprise of all surprises — receiving the go ahead from the duplex owner next door to redo his front yard landscape.  Dreams really can come true when one moves themselves out of ‘Park.’  

And then today, when I should have been packing up for Louisville, I instead sat down to write an article for Bloomin’ News, the Oklahoma County Master Gardener’s monthly newsletter.  What was I thinking?  Speaking from the other side of the finished article, I now confess that it was much more work that I first imagined it would be  — which in my life, is par for the course.

So now its time to move a standard poodle off my pillow and put myself to bed.  I’m tired.  But in the very best way.  And tomorrow promises to be another late night.  You know how it is when a group of long-time girl friends get together to relive old memories and  make new ones.   Even with bags under my tired eyes, it will be good to see their faces, these women I grew up with in the Oklahoma City office of Arthur Andersen in the early 1980’s.

Sweet dreams everyone.