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We’re spending Easter weekend at a lovely B&B in Eureka Springs.  It’s one of many located on the town’s “historic loop”, a ribbon of road that winds around the mountain top, a steep city block above the quaint collection of old Victorian shops and spas that make up the town’s historic center.  It’s an appropriate place to spend Easter – the ornamental trees and tulips are in bloom and the grass is a lush spring green – the old colorful Victorian homes that nestle in the grass and dot the mountain look like a bunch of colorfully decorated Easter Eggs.   


We’re staying at Mt. Victoria Inn, a vestal white virgin three story in the midst of a crowd of ‘Painted Ladies’.  We’re told these old Victorian homes cannot change their paint color without a lot of government red tape.  How long this house has been painted white I do not know.  But I do know that the home was built in 1902 as a home for nuns; so it would not surprise me if it were born white, the same color as the church that sits across the street.


This is my second visit to the inn in less than a year.  My first was with Kara when we came blueberry picking last July.  We stayed just one night, but I so enjoyed my visit that I wanted to come back to share it with my husband.  It rained that July and it rained yesterday and today.  All this rain makes for gorgeous gardens.  And for good sleep.   


Chris and Lisa are our innkeepers, a down-to-earth couple who take seriously the comfort of their guests.  They’ve done a good job based on all the awards heaped on their little inn.  Even Oprah Winfrey has given them her seal of approval.  But what I most appreciate about Chris and Lisa is that they playfully spat and spit at each other in front of their guests just like they were one of their four cats.  But the way they do this is so comfortable, you’re made to feel like family.  


The house is beautifully decorated, filled with Lisa’s family heirlooms.  And the breakfasts prepared by Chris are divine; they are so filling, they allow me to get through my day on two meals.  And yes, in case you’re wondering, I confess to breaking my Lenten fast two days early….  But who’s counting?


I remember writing a little bit in my journal when I was here last July.  And now, here I sit again, writing a few words for my blog.  Most of the time I’ve no idea what words will come when I sit down to my keyboard.  Writing mimics life in this way.  Two weeks ago I had no idea I would be sleeping in Eureka Springs tonight.  But writing is the thread that binds together my stays at this B&B, as it binds all the days of my everyday life.  And no matter where I am, writing my life can often become a mountaintop experience.