It’s a gorgeous day in the neighborhood.  With snow on the ground and sun in the sky, Mesta Park just sparkles.  Evidently the dogs think so too.  They are outside frolicking in the snow.  But I see they’ve stopped to grab a quick bite to eat.  Oh, cute — they’re making snow ice cream.  It must be from an old family recipe — all from scratch.   

First, find a nice patch of clean snow.  This seems to be their most time consuming step – as I believe most French chefs will attest, the importance of fresh ingredients cannot be overstated – so take your time to sniff out the freshest ingredients possible.  Next, with one front paw, scratch the surface to excavate the snow into a small raised pile.  It’s best to go all the way down to the ground, bringing up little specks of dirt for the top of the pile.  Think of it as nature’s very own chocolate sprinkles. 

Bon Appetite.  No need to worry about calories.  Their snow ice cream is the perfect diet food.  French poodles don’t get fat.