I kept missing turn-offs today as I was negotiating Lake Jackson’s crazy curved roads.  Twice I ended up taking the long route to friend’s homes. After my second roundabout, I couldn’t help laughing at myself; apparently, the absence that makes hearts grow fonder also makes memory grow fainter.

I never lost my sense of direction, but I admit to losing my local driving mojo.  Today reminded me of those first weeks of Brazosport life in the mid-80s, when I drove around town looking for a familiar landmark.  Within Lake Jackson, there are few shortcuts but many scenic ways to get from one point to another.

Lake Jackson has been written up in national publications more than once for their street names;  trees  and flowers name streets here, unless it’s one of the few that end in ‘Way.’

Most of the ‘Way’ streets take you to the heart of downtown.  This Way and That Way and Parking Way and Winding Way and Circle Way and Center Way are major downtown arteries.

Further afield, just north of town, are two more Ways.  Neither directly leads to downtown proper,  though both intersect with This WayAny Way is a residential street while His Way is more driveway than street.  To follow the narrow paved path of His Way lands you and your car in the local Nazarene Church parking lot.

I didn’t drive on any of the Way streets today.  But I did find my own way to a few familiar landmarks.  I was a little late of course.