What gifts will today bring?

The winds have stilled, the skies are blue and the temperature is Indian summerish; today beckons me outside to the gardens and my rake.  But first, a time to be still and break my fast.

My husband is busy making a batch of biscuits.  Afterwards, he and our two poodles will head south for their weekly trek downtown and I will take little Cosmo west towards Mesta Park for her own Saturday walk.

Cosmo never wants to part ways with the poodles; like a little mule, she refuses to budge at the point of demarcation.  But eventually, Cosmo settles for the gift offered rather than the gift desired.   She teaches a good lesson, if only I take it to heart.

No different that my yesterdays, today promises plenty of opportunities to practice; to welcome what comes rather than grasp for what may never come.