Good news.  After the latest rounds of tests, our vet is pleased with Max’s progress.  Max’s key sodium number is FINALLY  in the ‘normal’ range, which means the hormone replacement therapy is doing its job.  Now we just have to get Max’s intestinal tract to calm down — and for this, Doctor Vet has given us three new meds.    

Dr. Vet told us that Max was so glad to see him today, that Max jumped right up into his  lap.  It’s good to see Max in such caring hands.  And good to know Max feels exactly the same.

But for now, we wait.  We wait to see whether a whole lot more pill popping will continue to work a miracle on Max.  And then this Friday, at Max’s next appointment, we’ll see what tests reveal.    

So while not yet good as new, and while still too light on his paws, Max does have more spring in his step.  And my husband is ready to take Max for a short walk around the park.  And me — I’m thinking tomorrow will do.