Thanks to a little corner store with an old fashioned meat counter, we’re having fried bologna sandwiches for lunch and filet mignon for supper.  I picked up both meat market treasures yesterday, while in Shawnee visiting family; but even if I didn’t have a stitch of family there, this seventy year old business would be worth the drive. 


Rooted in the hard times of the Great Depression, Hardesty’s Grocery knows how to deliver what keeps loyal customers like me coming back — quality products at a fair price and great service with old fashioned common courtesy.  As you might expect from a gal who waxes poetic about the charms of historic living, I love to shop at this little store that offers the inviting look and feel of the small town corner grocer of old.  One foot inside and forty years flies away, as I hurry in like a young school girl to find some special treasure to eat and share.  But rather than rushing toward the candy counter to grab some Chum Gum like in the 1950s, I head straight back to stand in front of the old timer meat counter.  Staffed with a large number of friendly personnel, who do not believe in making patrons wait, they efficiently package up selections and take the time to exchange a pleasantry or two.  When I compare this to my shopping experiences at the deli counters of today’s large box grocery stores– where I’ve waited and fought to capture someone’s attention only to be served with sighs, snarls and slow service — I am thankful at my good fortune at having re-discovered this relic of my past. 


Hardesty’s sits right across from the original FireLake Casino, on the corner of Gordon Cooper Drive and Hardesty Road.  I guess this little corner of Shawnee covers all the bases.   If you’re in the mood to gamble, you go to the casino.  But if you’re in the mood for a sure thing, you go to Hardesty’s.